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Here, in Newport, Rhode Island, Captain Tim Flaherty is carrying on the Flaherty fishing tradition. Tim has over thirty-five years of angling experience and he possesses a wealth of knowledge about the "hot spots" in the bay. Capt. Tim is a specialist in live bait fishing the reefs, rips and wreck in the bay and sound. Capt. Tim uses light or ultra-light tackle to catch big striped bass, ledge-monsters, as well as tautog, flounder, blue and black sea bass. Tim taught History and Anthropology at Portsmouth High and also acted as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College before retiring. The Captain, a native of Newport is always willing to share his knowledge of Newport's rich maritime history and pirate lore. Jed Flaherty is a graduate from Green Mountain College in Vermont, was captain of the rugby team, and a skiing and snowboarding instructor in the Youth program at Bromley Mountain. Jed now foremans a landscaping construction business in Richmond Rhode Island, Clark Nurseries.

Flaherty Charters provides exceptional fishing experiences to novices as well as accomplished anglers.The Flaherty family has been fishing the bay and sound for two generations and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about fish migrations, feeding cycles, and patterned behaviors and environmental influences. We fish using only the best light tackle gear with only fresh live or fresh bait to catch big fish. We equip novice anglers with the skills necessary to land big fish using light line, a considerable challenge as well as an unforgettable experience. Capt.Flaherty has taught high school as well as college for over thirty years. Over the years, he has shared his love of fishing and taught angling to countless local adults and children and shared fishing adventures.

Flaherty Charters is conveniently located at scenic Castle Hill Resort and Marina at the mouth of Narragansett bay near Castle Hill Lighthouse. At the Inn, is the island’s finest restaurant and most scenic outside bar on a bluff overlooking the bay. From our dock at the marina the fishing grounds are only five minutes away so you will spend more time fishing and less time on traveling. At the marina, we have ample free parking for our guests.

Please contact Captain Tim Flaherty for more information or to make a reservation. Capt. Tim's success rate has been 99% for the last 3 years. To contact Captain Tim, please contact him by phone by calling (401) 848-5554.

Charter fishing in Newport, Rhode Island. Departing from Castle Hill resort and Marina, 590 Ocean Avenue.

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Flaherty Clan History

The origin of the Flaherty Clan can be found on the Western coast of Ireland. Here, the Flaherty Clan earned their livelihood fishing and farming. In Galway, the Flaherty's endured a long history rich in folklore and tradition.

In New England, the Flaherty Clan's history begins with Martin Flaherty, the patriarch. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, he was the son of an immigrant who had fled Ireland to save his family from the horrors of the "Great Famine of 1848". Martin, a skilled athlete and pugilist with great speed and agility, embraced a career in prizefighting. In 1898 he succeeded in defeating the world champion of the day. Martin retired from prizefighting in 1908 and purchased a large farm in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, where he and his wife Anna raised five sons. Here, Martin established the "Wameset Riding Academy" and a seasonal training camp for young prizefighters.

The story of the Flaherty's on Aquidneck Island begins with Frank D. Flaherty, Martin's third born son. Drawn to the ocean, Frank traveled to the coast and eventually settled in Newport with his new bride, Ethel. Together, they raised five songs and a daughter and imbued in them a love and appreciation of the sea. Frank became an accomplished angler and local fishing legend. Today, the Flaherty Clan has spread across the country but all of them have maintained links with the sea either in angling or sailing.



Dear Captain Tim,

Seeing the videos of our recent trip to Newport, I am reminded of how much my family, especially my son, loved their fishing adventures with you and your mates. First you took six people out on a rainy Friday afternoon with Jed. Although a few got sick and decided to pack it in, the remaining three intrepid souls, including my daughter Christine, had a wonderful time and caught great fish. Later the next week you took my son and husband out with Dan, and Mike is still raving about it. He was so enthused, that he talks about trying to find work on a fishing boat out there next summer! I’m not sure that will be possible, but his enthusiasm and excitement for the experience, especially for all you taught him about fishing, has been remarkable.

The pictures of your fishing adventures attest to the fact that everyone seems to have a wonderful experience on the Fishfinder. I know we did. By the way, my kids and nieces took Jed up on his idea about taking a ferry to Block Island. Although they only spent a few hours there, they did love the experience.

I was not sure how much my Children would like a vacation at a place that I used to visit as a kid. But all three talk about "the next time we come here." Thanks for making our trip so much fun.

-Sheila Ryndak

Captain Tim (and Rob)

Thank you for an outstanding day of fishing with my son Bryan. Couldn't ask for a better Father's Day weekend. I'll be sure to post some reviews online. I normally post on TripAdvisor. If you'd like me to send a "testimonial" that you can post to your website, I'd be glad to send that as well.

I hope to have my son Bryan use your services this fall with a couple of his college buddies at RWU. I'll keep you posted.

-George Kerchner

PS: If Bryan and I make the local papers, please let me know. Thanks.

Captain Tim,

Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime and the awesome tour that you gave in addition to some great fishing. Here is the best of the Dock pictures.

Just for your future information, the camera I use a Sony CD Mavica, My lens is the "Carl Zeiss" (or something like that) it is sold as a standard lens on most of the higher quality Sony camera's.

We'll be in touch next time we get out east I'm sure. I'll also give you a review of your services to our travel agent and hopefully they'll pass on a few more customers to you.

-David W. Sullenberger

Hey Cap'n Wayne Morrison here. Mike and I wanted to thank you for the great time we had. Tell Fred I hope his finger heals and it was probably the curse of Gilligan what done it. We've talked our wives into joining us next summer to do it again.

P.S. You were right about that Black Sea Bass. Great eatin'!


I hope we catch up again somtime, and so some more interesting stuff again out in that ocean; with yourself, Jed and friends.

I had a great time and got some interesting footage releasing that 12 foot Blue Shark from the fishing line mess, was so nice :) Thank You!

Lets keep in touch. I still have a tape to send you.

Regards, Darren

Just wanted to say thanks for giving such a great time. Had lots of fun on the boat!

Thanks, Alex

Good Morning Tim!

I just wanted to write and again thank you and Frank for a great fishing afternoon on Thursday. Mike, Ed and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on the fishfinder. And the great weather also added to the experience.

I am looking forward to the pictures taken by Mike and will be watching your web page for them.

I returned to Memphis safely last night, but I do intend to return to Newport (with my family), hopefully within a year. When I do I will call you in advance to schedule another fishing trip.

Warm regards,

Merle Musser

(the big guy with glasses)


thanks for a great day on Friday! Our crew had a great time and the fluke was great! Sorry we lost track of time! I filleted them all and now have a greater appreciation for the service you provide! Thanks for the Yuzuri plug and the hat! Also the boat web sites, I probably won't be buying one this year unless I sell my place in Ossipee, NH.

Andy, Drew, Joy and I had another great day!

Hope to see you again this fall in my quest for a big striper!

Tight lines and calm seas!

Bob Lake

Contact Information

Email: fishfinder1@cox.net

Phone Number: 401-848-5554

Boat Number: 401-639-6355

Boat Dockage: Castle Hill Inn, Newport Rhode Island

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Pfizer, KFC, Jim Beam, Fidelity Investments, Jerrod Mayo - Former New England Patriots Defensive Captain, Putnam Funds, Darren Lewis - Boston Red Sox, Google Inc, Collins Box Company, People's Credit Union Newport CEO Bill Brownel, Eaton Vance Inc. V.P. Brian Jacobs, Fidelity Corp., B.J. Dept Store, G.E. Corp., J.C. Rice International, Darren Lewis: Boston Red Sox #20, Rye Ridge Ide Corp., Burlington Coat Factory, Newport Credit Union President, Frank Sailes Commodre Newport Yacht Club, Cannon Associates of R.I. Chris Sealia, Gus White Insurance CEO Peter Dunn, Newport Yachting Center, The Granite Capital Group, John Burdick esq. Law Firm, Nood Regatta Mt. Gay Rum Sponsor, Abercrombie & Fitch, Jeff Sinsky, Groupline Newport R.I., Hasbro Holland CEO, Hasbro Germany CEO, Chalpin Assoc., Charter Communications, Pat Tracey Dept. of Legislative Services Maryland, Gant Corp, Wayne Distribution Corp Joe Kriner, Chalfin Corp. pres. Mitchell Chalfin, McCarthy & Company Career Managemnt Pres. Peter McCarthy, Network Machines Pres. John Holobinks, Vacation rResort Internatyional - Drew Estabrook, Phoenix Electric Pre. J. D:Amelio, Visual Impact Dave Hood, Ther Dufour Group - Damian Dufour President